The Internet offers huge potential for investments, now you can buy stocks, bonds, Etfs, mutual funds and other investments online without brokers.


May be you are unfamiliar with these investment options available to you. But once you take some time and start gaining financial education about different investments, your life will become richer and beautiful.


People are now able to shop and invest online all day. Many people find it convenient and cost effective to invest online without the help of expensive broker (who buy and sell these investments for you and charges you some percentage of money when you gain profit).


The biggest advantage of Investing Online is the elimination of Intermediary fees. Now there are no hidden charges, No middle man.    


investing onlineBeing able to grow your money in safe and secure fashion has made the online investing very popular. Many professional Investors buy these investments in the morning and sell them in evening with a decent profit. Choosing the best investments opportunity can be difficult but the good news is that it is available on your computer screen with the help of Internet.


With the help of internet you are able to access to your banking account, investing portfolio and stock market. Now you are able to know what are the current values of different stocks, what is the trend in the market. You can read the recent news about your stocks and other investments thus you can make better investing decisions. But to get profit from your investments you have to do your homework and gain experience.


“In the stock market, People who have money will get experience and people who have experience will get money.”


To start trading online you need to open an online trading account. Then start checking the prices of the major indexes of the stock market (such as Dow Jones or S&P 500). You should check the prices of different stocks daily to get familiar with the ups and downs of the market. Then choose good stocks and start making small trades, be patient and gain experience.


You should have an adequate computer, a good reliable connection of internet and a good antivirus (computer security protector).  There are many websites you can find on Google, who will advice you which stocks to buy or sell? Which companies are doing good business? You should always check the earning reports of your chosen stocks before investing money in them .
When the company does good business and earns a good profit, its stock price goes up.

In the beginning make a portfolio of at least 10 stocks all from different sectors and then sell the stock that goes down 10% in the price value and invest more money in the good performing stocks that are rising. For more basic information on investing online, You should read the book – Investing Online For Dummies.


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