In this great book, Brian Tracy reveals the 21 success secrets of self-made millionaires. Do you want to become millionaire? Do you want to know what the other self-millionaire did to become millionaire?

If you do the same as the other self-made millionaires did to become millionaires, you will get the same results.


What you will learn in this book can change your life. Thousands of people have become millionaire by following these success principles. These principles are simple, effective and easy to apply. Brian Tracy says that success is predictable, there are some well defined and proven success principles. Anybody can become Millionaire by simply following these  principles.


Brian Tracy spent several years studying successful people to find out these success principles. These principles have been tested and proven over and over again. According to the study, 90% of successful people started with nothing and became millionaire by following these principles.


Some of the secrets of self-made millionaires are following:


1.   Dream Big Dreams


big dreamsTo become successful, the first thing you should do is, dream big dream. You should set some big goals for your life. You need to clearly visualize what kind of life you want to live, what kind of job or business you want to do, where do you want to live and how much money you want to possess.


Dreaming big dreams is the starting point to become a millionaire.


To become clear about your major goal, you need to answer this question “What one thing would you dare to dream that can change your life and if you knew you could not fail?”


If you are given guaranty of achieving a dream goal what would you dare to dream? Whatever it is, write it down on a piece of paper in the present tense as you have already achieved this goal. For example you need to write down, “I am in the possession of million dollars by 31 December 2015.”


2.   Develop a Clear Sense of Direction


The greatest discovery in the human history is “You become what you think most of the time.” In other words, The Law of Attraction says that you attract people and events in your life by thinking about them regularly.


Successful people think about their goals most of the time and thus they find new ways to achieve their goals. The author encourages you to write down top 10 goals you want to achieve in next 12 months. By writing down 10 goals, you will start attracting them and they will become your reality.


You will move yourself into the top 3% people of our society, just by writing your goals down.


3.  See Yourself as a Self-Employed


self-employedThe author says no matter who signs your paycheck; see yourself always as a Self-Employed. You are the owner of your life. You should take 100% responsibility of your life. You should not make excuses and blame other people for your problem. You should find new ways to earn and save more money to solve your financial problem.


You loose control of your life when you blame others for your mistakes and poverty. You should never think even for one moment that you work for anyone else. See your employer as your client. If you improve your skills and render better service or become more productive, he will have to pay you more money. If he refuses to pay you more, someone other will pay you more.


You should see yourself as the boss of your life, time and personal finance. If there is anything in your life that you don’t like, it is up to you to do something to change that. Improve yourself, learn some new skills and read some good books if you want to become a self-made millionaire.


 4.  Do What You Love to Do


You should find a job that you would love doing. You should find out what your strengths are and which skills you want to improve while working. You must choose a work-field where you would like to give most of yourself, where you would throw yourself into the job that holds your attention.


Most self-made millionaires say that they will continue doing their job even if they don’t get any money from their job because they are passionate about their job, they love what they are doing and their job give them satisfaction.


Here is a question to find out what you love to do “What kind of job or business would you like to do if you win a million dollars lottery tomorrow?”  Most self-made millionaires, after winning a million dollar lottery would continue doing what they are currently doing. They would do that same job on a much higher level after getting more money.


5.   Commit To Excellence


ladderIf you become an expert in your chosen field, nobody can stop you to become a self-made millionaire. You need to set a goal to become one of the top 10% people of your field. The people that are in top 10% level, are not better than you. They just worked harder and longer to improve their skills. You can do the same. Everyone started off from the bottom to reach the top 10% level.


If you want to earn more money, you simply need to render better services by improving your skills and efficiency. Another good thing is when you are really good at what you do, you feel more wonderful about yourself and you work even harder.


Here is the question you need to ask yourself “What one skill if you develop would have greatest impact on your life?”  Identify one skill and then start working on that skill and don’t stop until you become an expert.


 6.   Work Longer and Harder


This is the quality that all self made millionaires adopt earlier in their life. They work longer and harder than other people around them. They come to work before the staff arrives, they work harder whole day and they are usually still on work when everyone has left to home, they work longer hours.


Brian Tracy recommends adapting the “40 Plus” formula that says you work 40 hours per week for survival, everything over 40 hours is for success. The average self-made millionaire works 6 days per week and 60 hours per week, some of them work even 70 and 80 hours because they love what they are doing.


Final Thoughts on This Book


In the starting of this book the author explains the law of cause of effect that states there is specific result for every action. This law says that success is not an accident.


Success is the result of doing certain specific things over and over again, until you get your desired result. In simple words this law says (the famous line worth repeating) that if you do what the other successful people did to become self-made millionaire, you will get the same results.


Each of these 21 secrets revealed in this book are indispensible and the absence of any one of these 21 secrets can decrease your chances of becoming a self-made millionaire. But if you follow all these 21 principles with determination and persistence, your success is guaranteed.


These 21 success principles are very simple to apply. In this post I have written about just 6 principles, Buy this book to know about all the 21 success secrets of self-made millionaires. I highly recommend this book.  You should learn and apply these principles to make your life successful and beautiful.


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