The University of Hard Knocks is written by Ralph Parlette. The education you will get from this book is the education one gets from the life’ experience.


There are 2 kinds of people: wise and fools. The fools are the people who think they are graduated. The author uses a number of interesting and educational stories in this book to explain you that if you are not actively learning and serving others then you are going downwards in the life. If you do the right things and remain on the right path you will become happier and wiser.


Why do you often Get In Trouble?


Mostly in your life you will see two paths to do anything. The wrong path seems much easier and more attractive than the right path. It’s easy to go downward. But you have to make extra effort to go upward. And when you go down to the wrong path, you invite trouble in your life.


If you learn the lesson with first problem and change the path, you will move forward in the life. But If you get more problems than you can handle, it means you are on wrong path and you are making no progress. Now you should stop, look and listen.


Start Improving Your Life


You need to recognize the problems, you are getting in your daily life to change your path and actions. You need to become aware of your actions and their results to become one of those few people who improve their life and reach at the heights of success. These people are leaders and others follow them.


hot goldThe author says that I’m discovering that life only gets good after we have been killed a few times. We are the raw materials. The needful knocks are necessary to make us serviceable. Every bump is raising our price.


There is no gold that has not been refined in the fire. I really think if someone is not happy, it means he has not bumped enough. I discover when I’m unhappy and selfish, and people don’t use me right, I need another bump.


The Law of Vibration


The author says that we are all living our lives according to the law of vibration. All the people of this world are in the great barrel of life. That barrel is shaking all the time. Every community is shaking; every country is shaking, the offices, the schools, the stores, the everyplace where we live, all are shaking.


This law shakes the little ones down and the big ones up; in order to put every person to the place he fits in the barrel of life. This law is sending small people down and great people up. When we have reached the place of our size, we stay there so long as we stay in that size.


Each person is doing one of these 3 things, consciously or unconsciously:

1. he is holding his place.
2. he is going down
3. he is going up.


In order to stay at the same place, you must grow enough each day to supply the loss by evaporation, if you are not growing, you are actually going down.


How to Get a High Paying Job


girl readingYou should remind yourself daily the law of vibration that says that in this shaking barrel you are at the place you fit. If you want to get a higher position in your home or at your workplace, you must grow each day and you must improve your skills each day.


You simply need to grow greater and they can’t keep you down. You don’t have to ask for promotion. You should grow greater, develop greater capabilities, do more than you are getting paid, over fill your place, and you will be certainly moved up to a greater place.


Not doing more than average is what keeps the average down. To grow, first of all you must solve your problems. Start solving small problems of your home and workplace. As soon as you will solve small problems, your confidence level will go high and you will start solving big problems that will improve your career.


Happiness is the Proof that You are Progressing


Whenever you do things that make you happy, you try to do them in better ways. You become happy when you solve problems. The happiness is in going up, in developing a greater mind, greater character. The happiness is the proof that you are progressing. If you can’t find happiness at your job, you have the wrong job.


Find out what are your talents and skills then find the job that fits your talent and stop watching the clock and planning vacation. When you love your work, it’s not work, it becomes your life.

business ladder

Learn New Things To Move Yourself Up



If you let life become routine you are moving down in the barrel. You must be learning new things and discovering new joys in your daily routine. Otherwise you will become unhappy.


If you go on doing just the same things in the same way, day after day, thinking the same thoughts and just staying at your place without growing any, you are no better than the machines.


The Law of Nature


You live only when you are growing and learning something new. If you are not growing, you are dying, this is the law of nature.


When someone asked to rich people why he doesn’t give more money to his employees he responded “I would not give more to any person who doesn’t want to grow to create a great future, who doesn’t look forward to greater and better things tomorrow.”


As you grow greater you will receive greater things. Your duty is to become great and the joy of it is that the first step is always nearest at hand. You must go right back to your kitchen or your workshop and take the first step. Solve the problem nearest at your hand.


Final Thoughts on This Book


You will find the most important lessons of the life in this book. Read this book, it will teach you how to use the tools that you already have in your life but you are not using. This book will allow you to re-focus on your life.

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